Alrad Consulting

Sustainability in the built environment

Our working areas 

Imaging Diagnostic

From a conventional room to one of angiography, without forgetting the mobile imaging systems

Nuclear Medicine

Equipment, rooms and departments with a very special concept defined by radioactive isotopes


Large machines with computer precision. The architecture and the engineering acquired a special dimension

The task starts when somebody has an idea about a product, a room or a service that it is worth to develop. Knowledge, methodology and experience ensure the economic and social results. The costs associated with the design and planning are a small part of the costs that are handled in these projects, let us not forget that a diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine or radiotherapy department has a life of its structure of several decades.

Concept and Planning

Initial Idea and Development

What to do and how to do continuing the facility planning, defining the required rooms and specifying the area they occupy, the total surface required and resources to be available. With the help of proprietary Software PlanDis.


Rooms and Departments

A precise design and systematic ensures construction documentation safe and easy to follow. Avoiding reiterations and communication to find the optimal design. Quality designs that allow to write well made projects.



Basic Document

A good project is important base for the development of concepts and their implementation in the practice. Also to meet all legal requirements that facilities are forced to comply with according to each local law


Concept to Reality

The Implementation is simplified with a good project and its costs are reduced with professionals specialized in works for medical facilities and supplier companies that ensure deadlines and training

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