Sustainability Consulting

Architecture and Environment

Sustainability, new protagonist of architecture

Commitment to this concept is more than just a trend. The most advanced companies are clearly betting internally to stay in buildings that have sustainable criteria, often reflecting their corporate policies. And to be a good sustainable building is not only a question of environmental liability, but also poses a significant economic savings due to the lower energy consumption.

Sustainability: Satisfaction of current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs

Design, comfort, savings

Comfort is higher in these types of buildings thanks to the natural light or thermal insulation, and this impacts on the reduction of absenteeism and productivity optimization. The trend is also aimed at almost zero consumption, where the buildings help the cities to be more sustainable 


In general terms, means sustainable what responds to three basic requirements: helps the environment, promotes society and is economically viable

Build Sustainable


There are many benefits and reasons to build in a sustainable manner. These benefits fall into the areas; financial, health and productivity, efficiency and preservation of the global environment and resources