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Diagnostic Imaging Center Architecture
Design and Operation Costs 

PDF. (1,2 MB).

 Influence of the architecture design of a Diagnostic Imaging Department in its operation costs in a temporary environment of 10 years  

Oncology Center. Architecture. PDF (20,7 MB) Order to:     info@alrad.es

Evaluation of the Physical Plant (Signo). PDF (1.3 MB)

BUSINESS PLAN  Costs/Results

Management Project.

 PDF. (69,7 MB)

 Management Plan and Strategic Plan of a Diagnostic Imaging Department. Request by email  (info@alrad.es).

Comparison of different Management Models in Diagnostic Imaging. PDF. (16,5 MB)
Savings in MR. eCONOMIC IMPACT of the ROF. PDF. (8,7 MB).Impact of the Room Occupation Factor in the Exam Costs and Results in a period of 10 years
Savings in MR.Economical impact of Productivity. PDF. (8,8 MB).
Savings in RM. Economic Impact of the Management Model. PDF. (8,8 M) order to: info@alrad.es


Diagnostico por Imagen. Del Proyecto al Producto. PDF. (4,8 MB). Caso practico de proyecto y diseño de un Centro

Under and Over dimensioning in Diagnostic Imaging Departments. Reasons and Consequences. PDF (1,5 MB)

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