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Have a place all publications which comprise all phases of a diagnostic imaging or radiation therapy 

CONCEPT: Marketing Research. Viability, Rentability. Technology. Radiology and Magnetic shieldings.
PLANNING: Exam time. Room production. Equipment rentability. Surface calculations.  Starting parameters. Zonal distribution. Location of the departments, etc.
DESIGN: Block diagrams. New equipment blocks. New diagnostic demands. Standards
EXECUTION: Execution time. Materials. Loads calculations. Standards.
Management Project pdf (69.01MB).- Article with biger downloads in Fundación Signo.
Imaging Diagnostic. From the Project to Product. (4.8 MB). Article over Planning and Design over a Diagnostic Imaging Center . (Subscription needed for download )

Newsletter: Aprik 2015. Planificación y Diseño. El libro  en eBook 
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