Diagnostic  Imaging  and  Radiotherapy


STUDIES, which ensure the planning, that determine the demands, strengthen yields, reduce operational costs, improve competitiveness.

PLANNING, which provides in detail the present and visualize the future while maintaining the balance between current costs and future yields, with the objectivity of the necessary result.


DESIGNS, which will facilitate future activity, comfortable and attractive for patients, comfortable and safe for staff, simple in its constructive interpretation.

PROJECTS, with all the guarantees of its responsibles, its compliance with safety and reliable address.

Optimize the Concept

With the necessary components 

TECHNOLOGY, enabling the fulfilment of its purposes. Reliable, secure, cost-effective maintenance and update calculated in advance.

PROFITABILITY, defined in the design and confirmed by users.

FINANCING, that ensures the realization of the project.

WORKS, with guarantees, well finished and  inside the deadlines.

TRAINING, allowing end users to get the most out of the technology

Subscription to Alrad

Publications and Test Programs

Aspects related to the management of the imaging and radiotherapy departments are more close to our business partners and in all cases where we are required, or all those where the planning and management are intimately listed in the specified solutions.

Additionally to the products that on the following pages outlines, as the more clearly defined in the common needs, we can study any aspect related to the objectives defined in the Mission of our Company

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